A Forum for Memories

Violence, wars, and totalitarian regimes have a heavy impact on the personal and political lives of people in many regions around the world. There are also many people living in Germany who experienced politically motivated violence, repression, or acts of armed conflict in their home countries before migrating to Europe. Memos provides people from crisis and conflict regions with a forum for their memories and for coming to terms with the past.

The memories of these people are not only testimonials of our time; they also represent an important aspect of the individual biographies. Thus, our mission is to help generate an archive that preserves and chronicles these memories. These documents can contribute to an enhanced dialogue between people of different origins. They can serve as a basis for reflection on conflicts, specific regions, or public figures. In order to collect personal memories and make them accessible to a broader audience, Memos initiates public events such as exhibitions, lectures, and workshops. The association is a platform for all those who address these issues in a scientific, artistic, journalistic, or political manner, with the aim of stimulating a lively discussion and memory culture.

As a non-profit association, we depend on outside support—be it financial or other forms of engagement in our goals. If you would like to help Memos, simply contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you!